Pokémon Go Added Shiny Totodile for Community Day

It looks like Pokémon Go has added a new Shiny Pokémon that players can catch during the Community Day’s festivities that take place today.

Who is the featured Pokémon?

The first Community Day of the year is here. Of course, in case you live in Australia or Asia, then the event will take place tomorrow. We’ve just learned that the featured Pokémon will be Totodile. The Shiny Pokémon will spawn in mass quantities during the three hours of the mini-event. Also, players will have the chance to benefit from eggs that hatch much faster than before.

What to expect from the event?

Fans already know that during the Community Day they have increasingly more chances to find a new Shiny Pokémon. According to players from Europe, who already had the chance to enjoy the event, the Shiny Totodile is available during today’s festivities. As you probably know if you’re a fan of the popular game, Shiny Pokémon are in general quite rare and have alternate coloration compared to the usual Pokémon. Luckily, the Shiny versions of the featured Pokémon are more common during this limited event. So if you want to collect some new Shiny Pokémon, today is your best chance.

How does a Shiny Totodile look like?

A Shiny Totodile has green skin instead of blue, as well as blue ridges on its back instead of a red ridge. The easier way to catch a Shiny Totodile is by finding an area that has many PokeStops or by attending an organized Pokémon Go Community Day event. Throughout this limited event, PokeStops can be lured for three hours, which means that the number of Pokémon spawns will be increased and you will have more chances of catching a Totodile. So the more Totodile you stumble upon, the more chances you have to find a Shiny Totodile.

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