An Image with OnePlus 7 Has Just Been Leaked

A live picture of OnePlus 7 has recently appeared online and it seems that the device might feature a sliding display. This is the first time when we can get a proper look at the upcoming smartphone.

A live image of OnePlus 7 just appeared online

In the picture above we can see OnePlus 7 in an industrial case, together with OnePlus 6T. Because of the case’s presence, the upcoming flagship appears to have very thin bezels, but most probably it’s not thinner than OnePlus 6T. Another thing that we can notice in the image is that the device doesn’t have a notch and that the speaker is much wider than OnePlus 6T’s. Also, since we cannot see the lower half of the phone, we don’t know if the chin is thinner or not.

The fact that OnePlus 7 doesn’t seem to have a notch made people believe that the smartphone may have a slider. Still, we couldn’t really tell if the slider is a motorized or a mechanical one.

What to expect from OnePlus 7

The upcoming phone is expected to have a Snapdragon 855 processor, as well as several RAM and storage configurations. The device should also come with Warp Charge 30. Also, based on some recent rumors, the smartphone could be the first OnePlus to have support for wireless charging, due to the fact that OPPO, a sister company, joined the Wireless Power Consortium. So OnePlus may be next.

As far as the price is concerned, OnePlus 7 is believed to be more expensive than its predecessor. At the moment we don’t have an official launch date, but we know that the phone is expected to launch sometime around May or June this year. We cannot wait to have more news about the device.

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