Latest Rumors About Android Q – When Should We Expect It?

The 10th version of Google’s mobile operating system is in the making and one of the features that we expect to see in Android Q is a system-wide Dark Mode. Let’s see what we can expect from Android 10 and when.

What will Android Q bring

The 10th version of the Android was mentioned for the first time back in November 2018 during the Android Developer Summit. Even though it may be too early to think about Android Q, especially since many people are still waiting for Android Pie to roll out to their devices, Google is already working on the next version of Android. According to the most recent news, the upcoming mobile operating system will bring a system-wide Dark Mode, which will definitely make users happy.

A new post made by Lukasz Zbylut on the Chromium bug tracker, which was discovered by Android Police, suggests that the Dark Mode is already “an approved Q feature”. The post also reads, “In order to ship dark mode successfully, we need all UI elements to be ideally themed dark by May 2019.”

But other than the Dark Mode, there are other features as well that are expected to come to Android Q. It is believed that we will see a “multi-resume” feature, which is an update to split-screen that allows two different apps to be viewed and to run at the same time. Another feature that we will probably get in Android Q is related to some warnings that users are supposed to get when they want to install an older app that was created for a previous operating system.

When should we expect Android Q?

In the last couple of years, we witnessed a Developer Preview announced in March and a public beta revealed at the Google I/O, which usually happens in May or June, while a final release would follow in August. At the beginning, the new operating system is rolled out to Pixel and Android One devices, and later is going to other devices as well, over the course of a few months. Therefore, this year we expect a similar timeframe.

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