Dragon Age 4 May Have Games-as-a-service Features

Bioware has recently announced Dragon Age 4 but the web is already filled with rumors. The latest one claims that the future RPG title could include some sort of multiplayer or live content.

Microtransactions were introduced by free-to-play titles but they were quickly adopted by AAA studios. They are now featured in single-player games and this has led to several scandals.

People who played Dragon Age: Inquisition were able to purchase microtransactions for the online multiplayer section of the game. A new job listing suggests that Dragon Age 4 will include a multiplayer component. And it is likely that EA will include microtransactions in order to generate additional profit.

EA and Bioware are currently promoting Anthem, a multiplayer third-person shooter offers a gorgeous open-world setting. The game will pit teams of three players against a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Bioware has previously stated that it will include some of the features offered by Anthem in future titles.

In the recent years many companies have decided to use the game-as-a-service approach, offering the base game for $60 and several DLCs and or expansions that are either paid, or included in a seasons pass, with a small number offered for free.

The game was revealed earlier in December at The Game Awards 2018. A short teaser trailer gave players a few story hints. The trailer mentions Fen’Harel , a major character that appears in Trespasser, the epilogue DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The trailer is a bit cryptic but more information will likely surface in the future. Bioware has already assured the community that the studio hasn’t forgotten the traits that made the franchise popular in the first place. A strong accent will be put on the single-player section of the game, which remains the main attraction point for many fans of the series.

While cosmetic transactions and story DLCs or expansions would be great any hope that EA won’t push the dreadful lootbox system. It would ruin another title were lootboxes have no place or purpose.

With a supposed release window in 2021 Bioware has plenty of time to change things. It remains to be seen if the game will be as good as the other titles in the series.

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