iPhone 11 Is Expected to Be Unveiled in September

Lately there have been more rumors about the next generation iPhone, expected to be called iPhone 11, circulating on the internet. Let’s take a look to see what is new.

iPhone 11 might have a magic 3D camera

One of the most recent common assumptions has been that iPhone 11 will come with a high-end camera. At the end of last year, Sony made an announcement that it is working hard on developing its next-generation 3D sensors, especially given the high number of demands from various phone makers, like Apple.

Because of this, rumors have started appearing, saying that the upcoming iPhone might come equipped with the camera chip that is being created by Sony. If these rumors prove to be true, then we should expect to see an iPhone with an incredible 3D camera. This would mean that Apple’s next smartwatch would be able to create 3D models of objects found in the real world.

The upcoming smartphone could also get a smaller notch

But the 3D camera of the iPhone 11 is not the only rumor that we’ve seen online. Based on some reports, the much-awaited device might also get some new changes when it comes to its screen. It has been rumored that iPhone 11 will have a smaller notch. During a recent announcement, David Moon, Senior Marketing Manager of AMS, said that the company has developed a new optical sensor that can accurately measure the ambient light’s intensity from behind an OLED screen. He also noted that this new technology would contribute to the eradication of the front-facing bezels.

Given the fact that Apple’s camera components are supplied by AMS, there is a chance that the tech giant would take advantage of this new technology. But this remains to be seen, as nothing has been confirmed yet. We might get to see just a smaller notch on the next iPhone, which is still good enough.

According to the rumors, iPhone 11 might be unveiled on 12th of September.

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