Apple Watch 5 Could Be Launched in September – Here’s What We Would Like to See

This year is definitely going to be pretty exciting when it comes to the tech world, as many amazing devices are expected to be released. One of them is the Apple Watch 5, which according to some recent rumors is expected to be launched in September 2019, together with iPhone 11. However, no specific date was given by Apple yet, so more info on this should follow soon.

Apple Watch 5 expected to be more impressive than its predecessor

Even though no official details about the upcoming smartwatch were given by Apple, this has hasn’t stopped fans from making assumptions about how the device will be like. Also, given the fact that the Apple Watch 4 impressed quite a few people in 2018, we have high expectations from its successor.

What would fans like to see in Apple Watch 5?

One of the things that fans would like to see in Apple Watch 5 is a longer battery life. The battery of the current Apple smartwatch is much thinner than previous generations and it can last for a maximum of 18 hours on a charge. We hope to see a better battery life in the upcoming watch.

The anticipated smartwatch is also expected to have more advanced health sensors, since Apple Watch 4 is equipped with an electrical heart-rate sensor. Many fans hope to see some new features that could help people who experience sleeping disorders, for example. Overall, we’d definitely like to be able to use the watch for more various health-related problems, since the current watch is mostly focused on heart health.

There have been also rumors that Apple is thinking about introducing a feature that would be able to perform non-invasive glucose readings. However, this might be too hard to achieve, so it could be too early for such feature, since other companies have tried to develop something similar, but without success. Last but not least, what fans would also like to see in the Apple Watch 5 is support for Android devices. We cannot wait to have more details about the upcoming watch.

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