iOS 12 Jailbreak – 360 Vulcan Member is Going to Reveal Major Security Exploit

Even though Apple is doing its best to enhance the security of its operating system so that iPhone users can’t jailbreak their devices anymore, security analysts still manage to find major flaws in Apple’s security from time to time. These flaws can be used to jailbreak the operating system and give iPhone users access to services such as Cydia or Sileo. Nonetheless, iOS 12 is Apple’s latest operating system and it is renowned for being “uncrackable”. Well, not anymore!

360 Vulcan Cracks iOS 12 on an iPhone X

The Twitter user that is known as “TianfuCup” organizes an event where jailbreak developers show off their skills. The 360 Vulcan team attended the last event organized by “TifanuCup” and they managed to win the “Tianfu Cup 2019 PWN contest” by getting full access to an iPhone X by using a jit bug in Safari and a UaF bug in iOS kernel.

Seeing that the 360 Vulcan team has managed to crack iOS 12, this gave hope to jailbreak fans all over the world. On the downside of things, the jailbreak developers didn’t want to reveal which was the bug that allowed them to crack iOS 12 on an iPhone X.

360 Vulcan Member Promises Information about iOS 12 Bug

Fortunately for us and other curios jailbreak fans, “SorryMybad” who is a member of the 360 Vulcan team has recently announced that he is planning to unveil the security exploit that made it possible for him and his team to crack iOS 12.

This is what the 360 Vulcan team member had to say about the new security exploit over Twitter: “Update: I will release information once the patch releases, please note that this bug is still not fixed in the latest iOS version now (12.1.1). I think because the vacation of Christmas and New Year, so please wait. On the other hand, this bug can work under A12”.

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