Google Play Store – Essential Tips & Tricks

What’s great about the Google Play Store is the fact that this platform is equipped with so many features that it’s nearly impossible for Android users to know about them all! The Google Play Store has lots of hidden features that most Android users have no idea about and this is what makes the platform so amazing. Nonetheless, today we want to teach Android users top three Google Play Store tips and tricks that will help them use the platform better.

Google Play Store – Tips & Tricks

  • App Pre-Orders

Even though most apps on the Google Play Store are free, some of them are of premium quality and they cost a couple of bucks. Luckily, Google has equipped the Google Play Store with a feature that makes it possible for users to pre-order their favorite apps and to check up on them by opening the Play Store and then accessing the Gear button – My Orders.

  • Get Rid of Update Notifications

Don’t you hate it when your smartphone keeps receiving update notifications? Luckily, these notifications can be simply disabled by following the next steps: Open Play Store – Settings – Now, simply de-select all the notifications that you don’t want to see anymore.

  • See All Connected Android Devices

If more than one person is using your Android account, then you should be pleased to know that you can check out all the connected Android devices by opening the Web Play Store, tapping on the Gear icon and then selecting the Settings option.

  • How to Redeem a Promo Code

The last tip for Google Play Store on our list is going to teach Android users how to redeem a promo code. All that Android users need to do in order to redeem a promo code that they won is to: Swipe left to right from the Google Play home menu – Tap on “Redeem” – Enter the text code from the promo and redeem your prize.

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