Best Apps for Streaming Music on your Smartphone

For years those that wanted to listen to music had to download it on their smartphone. By using streaming services users are now able to download an app and stream entire music libraries for free. Below you can find a list of the best streaming apps that are now currently available.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is the most popular streaming service, offering access to more than 40 million songs, playlists and podcasts. Users can use the app for free with some limitations or buy a premium subscription that allows them to enjoy all the feature included in the app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  1. SoundCloud

Many independent artists release their work on SoundCloud. More than 150 million songs are currently available and the list will grow in the future. A premium subscription allows indie artists to create and upload music in a seamless manner.

  1. TuneIn

This app was made for those that love radio. Thousands of radio posts are available for free and sports enthusiast can listen to live commentaries from NBA, NFL and more if they are willing to pay $10 for per month for a premium pass.

  1. Pandora

Pandora is a great app that observes your choices and suggests personalized playlists according to your ratings. The app is available for free but users can opt to pay $9.99 in order to gain access to premium features.

  1. iTunes

iTunes isn’t very famous when we are talking about music streaming but it does offer some interesting features. Users can save up to 100,000 songs and share them across all their Apple devices. The Beats 1 Radio and compatibility with AirPlay make it quite popular among loyal fans.

Users can pick between $5 plan for students, $10 for individuals or $15 for a family plan.

  1. YouTube Music

Yes you can listen to music for free by using the YouTube App but YouTube Music will work in the background even when the display is off. The service can be accessed by using dedicated Android and iOS apps or a web browser. A smart algorithm will suggest songs. The app is also able to recommend personalized content by using your location. It is available for free and premium subscription tiers are also available.

  1. Tidal

Tidal aims to please audiophiles. Over 50 million songs can be streamed and users can view music videos, documentaries and listen to high-quality tracks.

  1. Google Play Music

The app packs several features for music and YouTube fans. Users can store 50,000 songs, synch their preferences and listen to radio stations. 10$ per month will allow you to stream the entire library, use YouTube Premium and download songs for offline listening.

  1. Deezer

Deezer is set apart by a convenient lyrics feature that helps you sing along while enjoying your favorite music. The service offers a generous music library and a great overall experience.

Pick one, grab your headphones and enjoy!

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