GVGMall Trading Platform Kicks Off 2019 With Amazing Deals – For Microsoft Windows 10 Pro just $12.26!

2018 is a mere memory and 2019 just started so why not begin the new year with some really useful and more than affordable purchases. GVGMall brings some really juicy deals and discounts for Microsoft software, games and more.

GVGMall is a trading platform for virtual services that provides its users with high-quality services of online games, software and all kinds of virtual goods. Now, it’s easy, comfortable and especially safe to get your favorite game, software or your favorite product at the best quality services.

The platform debuted back in 2004 as a trading platform for boosters, virtual goods and more upgrades for the most popular MMORPG titles. GVGMall managed to expand a lot, and today they flaunt the impressive amount of over a million registered members from across more than a hundred countries across the globe.

Our readers can benefit from these massive discounts courtesy of GVGMall:

  • 3% discount on all Games if you use the code TH3 at checkout
  • 20% discount on all Software products if you use the code TH20 at checkout

Here are the best deals that GVGMall highlights for you.

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro for $12.26

You can now benefit from the advantages of Windows 10 Pro at a discount of 20%. Update your old PC with nothing else than a license key that will help you unlock all the goodies and advantages featured in Windows 10 Professional.

Usually, the license keys for Windows 10 Professional are about $15.32, and now you can apply for a 20% discount. All you have to do is use the code TH20 when you’re checking out, and you will enjoy your Windows 10 Professional OEM key for only $12.26.

Download Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft and install it on your computer, then make sure to activate the copy using the OEM license that you just purchased.

Office Professional Plus 2016 for $29.70

You’re probably familiar with the most popular productivity software out there which is Office. Using the program, you can do anything from organizing emails, managing expenses, running spreadsheets and creating letters and databases and more.

Office Professional Plus 2016 bring you everything you require for your home office including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook to apps like Publisher, OneNote, Skype, and Access.

Usually, you have to get out of your pocket about $200, but the GVGMall platform offers everything for only $37.12. And more than that, if you use the TH20 code at checkout, you will get a 20% discount and only have to pay $29.70.

All you have to do is download your Office copy from Microsoft and activate it via the license key.

Office Professional Plus 2019 for $43.56

If you really want to be permanently updated and you need the latest Office Professional Plus 2019, GVG Mall has it for $43.65. the platform brings a discount of 20% to get the license key for just $43.56. All you have to do is use the code TH20.

Best deals

Things don’t end here as GVGMall has two combined offers which you definitely won’t want to miss:

Hitman 2 for $33.95

Enthusiast gamers can get Hitman 2 on Steam for about $50. GVGMall has the game priced at $35. Our readers have an even more significant discount for the license key for the Steam edition of the game. At checkout, make sure to enjoy 3% off by using the code TH3. You’ll only have to pay $33.95 this way.

Closing words

If these offers are not enough to convince you, take a look at GVGMall’s four main features that they are proud to flaunt: Secure Payment, Service Guaranteed, 100% Refund Guaranteed and fast delivery.

You’ll enjoy the safest payment environment and fast delivery service. There’s also a 100% refund guarantee and 24.7 live support which kill everyone’s worries. Make sure to start the year with some pretty discounts with the best software and the Hitman 2 game. Check out more details on the official GVGMall website.

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