Should We Expect iPhone11 to Have a Smaller Notch?

A new optical sensor that is able to measure ambient light from behind an OLED screen has just been announced by AMS, which is an Austrian company that Apple is using to get its optical sensors for the iPhone XS range’s TrueDepth camera. So we can hope that the tech giant will consider adopting this new technology in order to add a smaller notch on upcoming phones.

A new technology that might be used for iPhone 11

The new optical sensor would also include a proximity sensor that is supposed to work from behind the screen. According to the announcement that was recently made by Senior Marketing Manager at AMS, David Moon, the new technology may even lead to the complete removal of bezels.

This definitely sounds exciting, however, when it comes to Apple, this may not be possible entirely. This is because the camera lens will still need to be placed somewhere and Apple will most probably not want to choose a pop-up system. But not all hope is gone, since there is still a big chance to see a much smaller notch on future handsets.

No confirmation yet

However, let’s keep in mind that so far these are just assumptions. We’re talking about what we would like to see in the upcoming iPhone 11 and other phones from Apple. But the existence of this new technology doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will immediately adopt it. It could be that Apple has already found a different solution or maybe doesn’t want to choose this new tech for various reasons.

The fact that Apple is getting camera components from AMS gives us hope that it will use this technology, but there is no guarantee. Even if this will happen, it may be too late for iPhone 11. It remains to be seen.

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