OnePlus 7 Might Come With UFS 3.0 Storage

A recent post from the reliable Chinese leaker, Ice Universe, suggests that the next gen OnePlus 7 could be much faster than it was previously believed. The upcoming device might feature the latest UFS 3.0 storage standard, which will definitely improve its performance.

OnePlus’ next flagship phone set to feature UFS 3.0

A screenshot of a storage benchmark was posted online by the leaker and it looks quite amazing. The new standard is expected to be twice as fast as the current version, UFS 2.1 and at the same time it will use less power to boot.

The benchmark that was posted by Ice Universe actually comes from AndroBench. The benchmarking result shows sequential read speeds of more than 2,000MB/s. This is much more than what UFS 2.1 can offer. The current standard on smartphones can produce read speeds of approximately 800MB/s, so this is definitely a huge improvement.

More details about UFS 3.0 and why we should be excited

The UFS 3.0 storage is provided by Samsung and we can compare it to an SSD hard drive of a computer. The performance of our phones greatly depends on their storage. This means that the faster our storage is, the easier it will be for the phone to access files and the faster it will perform.

When it comes to OnePlus, the company has always offered great storage, so we hope there is a possibility that it will try to bring the latest storage, UFS 3.0 to both its upcoming smartphones. As you know, this year we expect to see not only OnePlus 7, but also the first 5G-enabled smartphone of the Chinese company. They are expected to be launched in the following months, so hopefully new leaks about them will appear soon.

Since Samsung is behind the UFS 3.0, we can also expect this storage for the upcoming Galaxy S10. We cannot wait to see what big of a difference UFS 3.0 will make in phones.

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