Samsung’s 5G Plans Announced at CES 2019

Even though we didn’t have any announcement from Samsung regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 at the current tech event from Las Vegas, we’ve learned a few things about what the company’s 5G plans are.

Verizon, Sprint and AT&T will offer 5G-powered Samsung smartphones

During its CES press conference, Samsung stated that it will launch 5G smartphones in the first half of this year. HS Kim, the CEO and President of the South Korean company, said that “5G is here and now”, while also mentioning some carriers from the United States that are ready for 5G: Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Samsung is working will all three carriers and we should soon be able to get a 5G phone from them.

The first company to get FCC approval for commercial 5G

Another thing that Samsung mentioned is that it is the first company to have received FCC approval for its 5G rollout. We can easily see that the tech giant is really determined to launch 5G-powered devices. Some of the company’s rivals are also trying to do the same this year, as both Motorola and OnePlus are planning to release their own 5G phones.

However, as far as Motorola is concerned, we know that what it wants to do is to release a 5G Moto Mod add-on, which will be attached to Moto Z3. This will most probably not compare to the first 5G-powered phone that we will be able to buy later this year. When it comes to the price, we don’t expect either of the two options to be cheap.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, it is expected to be launched approximately one month from now. We didn’t have any details about it at the CES event, but we hope that some news will follow soon.

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