Bioware hypes Dragon Age 4: What’s New?

When Bioware announced Anthem, their own take on multiplayer shooters in the vein of Destiny and Warframe many believed that the studio has abandoned the RPG roots that made it famous in order to chase the latest trends.

Anthem has shaped up to look like an impressive game but the studio has been silently working on a sequel to its famous Dragon Age franchise. The game was teased earlier in December but many details have remained shrouded in mystery.

The game was announced at The Game Awards and the short trailer infers a campaign that focuses on the elves and what happened after the events of Trespasser, a story DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Several Bioware employees have confirmed that The Dread Wolf Rises will be the most ambitious RPG title released by the studio. A team of RPG veterans, storytellers and art people has been assembled in order to work on it.

It is likely that the game will take the best elements of the franchise like the believable companions, well-developed stories, simple yet complex combat and the RPG freedom while also pushing the bar higher.

As years passed Bioware honed their skill by creating amazing video games that continue to be praised. The development is led by people that know and love the Dragon Age franchise and they want to craft something that will revitalize the series while also keeping everything that made it popular in the first place.

Many feared that Bioware will turn Mass Effect or Dragon Age into another multiplayer venture that asks for $60 but can beat F2P titles when it comes to monetization and in-game microtransactions. General Manager Casey Hudson pointed out that the title will stay true to the single-player experience that fans love.

The game is currently in early development and it is likely that fans will have to wait a while until it will be released. Bioware and EA are pouring a lot of resources and the stakes are quite high for the future of the Dragon Age IP but things are looking great at this point.

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