Dragon Age 4 Latest Leaks and News We Know So Far

About one month ago, BioWare teased Dragon Age 4, mentioning a mysterious character, the Dread Wolf. While the fans of the franchise are frenetically discussing and speculating on the teaser and the few rumors emerged online, we’ll show you who is “The Dread Wolf.”

Many fans speculated on the true identity of The Dread Wolf, the answer is quite simple and obvious, and every gamer who finished Dragon Age: Inquisition should know it.

In the Dragon Age 4 teaser that BioWare rolled out approximately one month before, we can see three tarot cards. One of them is revealing Solas, a wizard, the second card is depicting another sorcerer, while the last of these tarot cards is showing the cloaked version of Solas, the very same one every gamer who beats the Dragon Age: Inquisition gets.

Dragon Age 4: Who Is “The Dread Wolf?”

Also, at the final scene of Dragon Age: Inquisition storyline, Solas is awakened by a demigod dubbed as “The Dread Wolf,” which is a quite popular character in the Dragon Age universe as it appears on a lot of tapestries across the in-game world.

Accordingly, The Dread Wolf in Dragon Age 4 teaser is no one else than the demigod that awakened Solas at the end of the Dragon Age: Inquisition story. If that is indeed correct, then the action of Dragon Age 4 would take place “Tevinter,” while Solas might be the main character of the upcoming title of the renowned franchise.

On the other hand, Solas might be The Dread Wolf himself in Dragon Age 4, as the demigod might have possessed him. Even though this is just a hypothesis, it might turn out to be true, but we’ll never know precisely before we get any information from BioWare.

Besides, we don’t even know when Dragon Age 4 will come out, but since BioWare released a teaser, we presume 2019 or 2020 would be most probable for the release date.

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  1. This shit triggered me so hard. Solas IS The Dread Wolf, there is no question on who he is. Trespasser DLC literally explains the whole thing to you and sets up Dragon Age 4. Solas Created the Veil to trap the other Gods(who were elven mages)

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