Saints Row 5 Newest Leaks And Rumors – Everything We Know So Far

Saints Row is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, enjoying millions and millions of fans worldwide. The next installment in the series would be Saints Row 5, but the devs remained silent on the topic.

Although fans have dubbed Saints Row franchise as another GTA copy since the first title in the series rolled out, Saints Row is boasting a distinct experience with an engaging storyline, excellent shootout scenes, and lots of other features, all of which made the game really popular among the gamers.

After the release of Agents of Mayhem, a Saints Row spin-off title set in an alternate universe, which failed to impress the fans of the franchise, the primary publisher of the video game, Deep Silver was thinking to shut down the Saints Row project. On the other hand, Volition, which is the developer of the Saints Row games, did not comment on the possibility of a Saints Row 5 title.

Saints Row 5 Newest Leaks And Rumors – Everything We Know So Far

While nobody knows if Saints Row 5 would indeed roll out eventually, rumors never stop emerging on the Internet debating this title. According to some of these rumors, Saints Row 5 is under development right now, and the devs might work on improving the player experience.

Nonetheless, some of the Saints Row 5 newest leaks discussed the possibility of a multiplayer-only game. According to the rumors in this regard, the next title of the popular franchise might come out with in-app purchases which could mean enhanced in-game customization.

In the end, even though we have nothing official on Saints Row 5, there are still hopes that the game will come out, primarily because increasingly more rumors are coming to light. Also, the Saints Row community is still actively asking for a new game in the franchise.

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