Minecraft Pocket Edition – Master for Minecraft Launcher Gets New Update

We think it’s safe to say that there is never going to be a game that is going to reach the same level of success as Minecraft. Even though Fortnite might be the “hottest” online game right now, most people are saying that Fortnite is just a trend and that it’s going to fade away in the years to come. On the other hand, it’s been a couple of years since Minecraft originally launched and the game is going stronger than ever.

What’s great about Minecraft is that there are multiple versions of the game and they can also be enhanced through mods and launchers that give players access to new features, themes and even in-game content! The perfect example of this is the Master for Minecraft launcher that is available for the Pocket Edition of the game.

Master for Minecraft Launcher Gets New Update

Since we are talking about the Master for Minecraft (Pocket Edition) mod, we should mention that the launcher has just received a new update. The update comes in the form of APK (Android Package Kit) and it measures in at 24.53 MB. The small size shows us that this is a maintenance update which will improve the game’s performances. Nonetheless, let’s check out what the update contains in more detail.

What’s New?

  • Guns Mod support MCPE ~;
  • Enchanting & Items addedoptimize;
  • Bug Fixes;
  • Close 0.14.-1.0 Floating Window Support.


As we can clearly see in the “What’s New” paragraph, the new APK is a maintenance update that takes care of some bugs which were causing issues. Fortunately, the bugs are now gone and all Minecraft Pocket Edition fans can enjoy playing their favorite game without having to worry about bugs ruining their gameplay experience. The last thing we want to note is that since this is an APK (Android Package Kit) update, it can only be installed on Android smartphones.

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