Ninja Accuses Top Fortnite Mobile Player of Cheating – The Player Responds

Fortnite came out on Android and iOS this year and all mobile players have been going crazy about it ever since. What’s great about Fortnite for mobile is the fact that the game is highly optimized and it runs smoothly on all the latest smartphones. On the other hand, the developer of Fortnite had to come up with a new way of controlling the game because obviously, mobile players need to use the touchscreen instead of a gamepad or mouse & keyboard. Therefore, Fortnite for Android and iOS can be tricky to play since aiming gets difficult.

However, there is YouTuber called AdamXLegend and he is regarded as the best Fortnite on mobile. AdamXLegends plays the game so well that people don’t believe that he is actually playing on a mobile device and there are even theories that he is using a gamepad.

Ninja Accuses Fortnite Mobile Player of Cheating

As previously mentioned, AdamXLegend is so good that people don’t believe how many wins he is getting. Everyone in the Fortnite community knows who Ninja is and the famous Twitch streamer had said during one of his daily streams that AdamXLegend has to be using a gamepad since the only thing that we can see in his videos is the gameplay footage, and not his fingers on a mobile device.

AdamXLegend Brings Proof

Well, it looks like everyone was wrong about AdamXLegend. The reason why we are saying this is because the Fortnite mobile player has decided to upload a video in which he addresses the accusations made by Ninja. The cool thing about this video is that AdamXLegend shows that he is, in fact, playing on an iPad, and that he uses the touchscreen and not a gamepad. Everyone can check out the video we are talking about down below.

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