New Leak About iPhone 11 – Should We Expect A 3D Camera?

A new leak about iPhone 11 has just been revealed and it will give us an idea about what to expect from Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone.

A collaboration between Sony and Apple to be expected in 2019

We all know that the past year was not so good for the smartphone market and the iPhones did not sell really well, so what would people need in order to be once again excited about phones? Based on a recent leak, it looks like we could expect a partnership between Sony and Apple that might bring some excitement as far as iPhone 11 is concerned. According to a report from Bloomberg, Sony has been developing a new 3D camera for phones, which, as you can probably already imagine, would transform a lot of things around us.

What should we expect?

So we can expect a new collaboration with Sony for the upcoming iPhone 11 in the following year. It seems that the new 3D chips developed by the company are using time of flight technology, which apparently allows phones to create 3D models in details and work at five-meters distances. This is much better than the current technology that has a more limited distance.

When it comes to the applications, the 3D camera from Sony would allow users to engage in games that will let them interact with real-world environments or games that will involve using hand gestures for control. However, even with the creation of 3D cameras, we are not sure what the future of smartphones will be like. After all, it’s mostly up to those who make these phones and to developers to create apps that will use these chips in order to attract users. This remains to be seen. Based on what we know from Bloomberg, Sony will start mass production in 2019, during the late summer. This means that we should expect the arrival of this type of cameras sometime in the autumn of next year.

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