New Exciting Leaks About Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Even though many things were known so far about the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, not much was known about one of the upcoming models from the South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, which is expected to be the most affordable and the most intriguing model of all.

What should we expect from Galaxy S10 Lite?

Thanks to the well-known leaker Ice Universe, we have some exciting news about Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and we have all the reasons to believe that this is the model that will be purchased the most by customers. In the picture above, which was originally posted by Ice Universe on his Twitter account, we can see that the design of the upcoming smartphone looks almost the same as its most expensive counterparts. Judging by the leaker’s reputation, we can definitely say that we can trust his posts, as his leaks in the past has proven to be right, even long before the release of certain devices.

Details about the design

If we compare Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite to the premium models from the S10 range, we know that Lite will come with the same primary rear camera, but without the triple array. The device will have a single front camera, with a smaller cut-out. At the same time, the in-display fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10 Lite will not use the same ultrasonic technology as the other smartphones and it will have a smaller display: 5.8 inches, compared to 6.1 or 6.7 inches. Another important thing to mention is that Lite will not have a curved Edge display, but a flat screen. This is great news and we’re pretty sure most of you are excited to hear it. The flat screen will no longer distort images or videos and cases will be able to cover the sides completely.

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