Best Customization Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Android has one significant advantage over iOS, and that is the numerous possibilities of customization. You can install launchers, custom ROMs, change the appearance of icons, tweak the settings for extra performance, and so on. However, it’s difficult to choose the right apps for personalizing your Android device since there are dozens of such applications. To help you out, here is a short list with the best customization apps for your Android smartphone.

Even though you got bored with how your Android smartphone looks like, you can experience something new with Android customization apps, and there are a lot of them to choose from and enhance your Android experience.

Best Customization Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Nova Launcher

In case you’re looking for an all-in-one kind of customization app for Android, Nova Launcher is by far the best one. It comes with tons of options, including many themes, icons, and even a Night Mode, and lots of other features.

Practically, with Nova Launcher you can personalize virtually everything on your Android smartphone.


In case all you want is a good app for wallpapers, Tapet is, therefore, one of the best customization apps for your Android smartphone.

Nonetheless, Tapet is different from any other wallpapers apps out there, as it is not offering a vast selection of images, but it allows users to create their own wallpapers using pre-loaded patterns, images, colors, and so on.

Light Manager – LED Settings

Nowadays, the majority of Android devices come with a LED for notifications. However, some of those smartphones light similar LED colors for two or more notifications. With Light Manager – LED Settings, users can choose for which notifications the LED blinks and even in which colors.

Although it’s not a crucial feature for many users, for some, knowing what kind of notification came in without unlocking the phone is essential.

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