Samsung’s 5G Phone has ‘Bolt’ as Codename: What Does this Mean?

Samsung has recently announced that it will release a 5G device at the Qualcomm event that took place in Hawaii. Its codename is Bolt. However, people started asking themselves if this really is an improvement. It’s quite difficult to be sure of that, since they intentionally did not announce the name of the device, when they announced the latest X50 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Where did the codename come from?

It could’ve been named Bolt because of the fact that the 5G device has incredible data speed. We already know that the 5G technology has been built with higher speeds than what we’ve already met with 4G devices. The speed of the possible 5G devices is of 10 Gbps – this is 1000 times the speed we get with 4G. This is probably the reason behind the codename “Bolt”, after the sprinter Usain Bolt – he has his own movie about his success. However, all of this can just be speculation, but if it’s actually true, we cannot do anything but welcome it.

What do we know about this device so far?

We don’t know that much, they are all speculations. The device might come with a display worth of 6.66 inches. The processor will be Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 SoC. The RAM will probably have 12 GB. The internal storage will be worth of 512 GB or 1 TB. This means that you won’t need a micro-SD card. We are not sure about the battery, it should have at least 5000 mAh to handle the specs of the device.

With this device, a wireless charging feature might also come, and help the buyers manage the device, even if the battery drains out very fast – many people have this problem. The processors are being made to save the power usage and to also extend the life of the battery after a full charge.

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