Widget Screensaver Turns Every Widget Into A Screensaver On Android Devices

Directly for the XDA Developers’ Senior Member that goes by the name of Humpie, there comes the brand new Widget Screensaver, an Android app that turns every widget on your device into a screensaver and which would hopefully give a boost for this function on Android devices.

Many people do not talk about the native screen saver function every Android version has. Commonly known as DayDream or DayDream VR, most recently, the Android screen saver feature is now simply called “screen saver” in the latest Android OS versions Google released. However, for some unknown reasons, this function is not widely debated by Android users, maybe because it’s not something many uses.

As its name says, Widget Screensaver places any widget you want into the screen saver on Android devices. That means you can now have your weather or WhatsApp widgets right into your screen saver, and they are fully operational.

Widget Screensaver Turns Every Widget Into A Screensaver On Android Devices

Widget Screensaver, developed by Jolan Rensen (Humpie), an XDA Developers’ Senior Member, hopes to make the screensaver feature in Android devices more common among users.

According to the developer, users can put any widgets they want into a screen saver and, anytime the screen saver feature is enabled in the device’s settings, the widgets will display during the daydream. Widget Screensaver also boasts some customization options which make this app more exciting for users.

This app is free to download from XDA Labs or directly from the Google Play Store. Widget Screensaver works on Android 5.0 or higher, weighs about 4.2 Mb, and it also comes with in-app purchases. Even though it went live just a few days ago, the app totaled about 1,000 downloads and got an average of 4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

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