IPhone X Mini – Take A Look at The Most Adorable iPhone Concept Design

An iPhone concept design has been floating around the Internet lately and it is hard to ignore it. The design is for a mini version of the iPhone X. The device is very small and its design makes it look extremely cute. It is 40% smaller compared to the iPhone XS.

The iPhone X Mini is available in numerous bright colours, which makes the device look even fresher. We can see black, gray, yellow, peach, blue, green, violet, and red. There isn’t a physical home button, but we are not sure whether the device would include an in-display fingerprint. It could also come with Face ID, since it is inspired by iPhone X after all.

The smartphone does have a small notch that contains the front camera, as well as the speaker grille. Minus the notch, the display appears to be almost bezel-less. There are also two buttons on the left and a button on the fight and the device has curved edges. The rear side is relatively simple and it comes with the camera and the LED flash.

Will Apple release iPhone X Mini?

Before you get too excited, you should know that the concept design was not leaked from Apple. In fact, Dongjae “Krystofer” Kim came up with the concept design for it. He explained that he came up with idea after noticing people struggle with large iPhones. At first he noticed a child which had a hard time trying to answer a call. Then he also observed an elder struggling to touch the top of the screen.

The iPhone X Mini is an idea that Apple could use in the future. We already know that the company is trying to come up with a low-end iPhone. This could be a good alternative and it would also be a solution for those struggling with large screens.

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