OnePlus 7 Leaks: New Photos and Triple Camera Setup

Nowadays it’s very hard to keep a secret. Not even big companies can keep things hidden, as products get leaked at some point. It appears that the same thing happened to OnePlus. Pictures of the OnePlus 7 appeared online. They were shared by Ishan Agarwal on Twitter.

“EXCLUSIVE! Here’s your first look at an upcoming OnePlus Device I don’t know much about. This image shows the device in prototype/designing stage and it is not final but this is probably how the device may end up looking. That’s Pete (CEO of OP) in the img and the device itself,” read the tweet.

The image shows Pete Lau, the chief executive of OnePlus. He appears to be attending a presentation and we can see the smartphone projected on the screen. The same device appears to be on the table. We don’t know yet whether the phone we see in the pictures is the OnePlus 5G or the OnePlus 7, but we are leaning to the last one.

How does it look like?

Both the prototype and the device on the slide are red. The camera looks very interesting. There appears to be a circular camera, which is something that we haven’t seen at the last phone of OnePlus. The camera appears larger than the dual camera setup we were used to. Therefore, we could guess that it is, in fact, a triple camera setup. It looks similar to the one of the new Motorola phone.

We also noticed that the back of the phone does not come with a fingerprint sensor. Therefore, we might receive an in-display sensor with the next phone.

Do you think the device in the photos is the OnePlus 7? Tell us what you believe in the comments.

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