Exciting IoT Trends for 2019: What Should We Expect?

Technology is nowadays very important to all of us. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things have become a crucial thing, especially in businesses, and more and more people want to think smart – for them, and for their companies.

We’ve written this article to give you some trends that we expect to see in 2019.

Smart homes for everyone

We expect to see an uptick in the presence of IoT home items, because smart homes will become mainstream. More smart homes products will be available for clients who want their house to become smart, and brands will take over the market. Automation will become an important part of everyday tasks, and will include heating, cooling, lighting, even irrigation.

Flexibility in delivery

If flexibility will be included in delivery options, the experience will become more personalized.

Smartphones with GPS visibility and positioning data will use low-cost sensors that could allow delivery to clients pretty much anywhere, not just the normal locations, such as work or home.

This could also mean that, if used in the healthcare system, hospitals and doctors will have real-time visibility into the location, hence knowing what kind of equipment they need. Which leads us to…

…a better healthcare system

this could revolutionize healthcare for many patients, and reduce the amount of time it usually takes to find the proper medical equipment.

Smart cities to become even smarter

Cities will become smarter. And we think it will happen soon enough. They would manage their costs better, and more revenue stream opportunities will appear. This might include Wi-Fi hotspots, red light violation detection, smart towers, crime detection (and analysis), and 5G services. All of these can be achieved by using technologies like ML (machine learning) and image recognition.

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