New iPad Pro 2019 Will Soon Hit the Market

There are many rumors about the release date, price and design of the new iPad Pro 2019 and in this article, we gathered the most plausible ones. The Apple Company announced back in October 2018 the new iPad Pros for that year, but now we are looking in the future.

The iPad Pro 2019 is estimated to be released somewhere in the early summer 2020 due to the fact that Apple has a pattern of releasing one iPad Pro version each year since 2015, iPad Pro 12.9 in November 2015, iPad Pro 9.7 in March  2016 and so on. The last model released is the iPad Pro 11in November 2018. For the design, Apple could make the devices slimmer and probably bigger.

The storage is expected to come back with the 128GB option and 512GB. The size of each large iPad Pro has always been the same; 12.9 inches, while the smaller ones have three sizes, 9.7in, 10.5in, 11inches. So this can only mean that the new iPad Pro if the size changes, maybe around 11.8inches. However, there is no need for Apple to make the model larger taking in consideration the fact that the difference between the two Pro lines is hardly noticeable.

Also, no change in the aspect of the new iPad Pro is needed since there are no more screen buttons and the screen is already massive.

Here is a list of features encounter in the previous model iPad Pro 2018 that could feature in the next iPad Pro 2019:

  • Four-speaker audio
  • Face ID facial recognition
  • 64GB/256GB/512GB/1TB of storage
  • 4K video and slow-motion at 240fps
  • Retina Flash’ feature,
  • Portrait Mode
  • Animoji
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • nano-Sim/eSIM
  • USB-C connector
  • no headphones
  • 6mm x 214.9mm x 5.9mm; 631g/633g (Wi-Fi/cellular)

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