Dragon Age 4 Available Sooner Than Previously Thought

Since its release Dragon Age: Origins remains one of the most popular role-playing games of all time. The title was released in 2009 by the well-known BioWare studio. It conquered the hearts of gamers from all over the world due to its rich and original setting, beautiful story and incredible companions.

Dragon Age 2 was later released but despite positive reviews many people thought that the first game was superior in almost every aspect. This led to sales that were not very impressive and BioWare decided to change some things for the next title.

Dragon Age: Inquisition, released in 2013, combined the best parts of the previous games. The entry enjoyed critical acclaim, as reviewers praised the beautiful environment, challenging combat mechanics, fresh storyline and delightful soundtrack. While the title was successful, for a long time it seemed that the franchise may have been forgotten as BioWare worked on other titles.

The situation changed recently when the studio teased a new Dragon Age announcement.  Fans got excited, hoping that a new title may be in development. Electronic Arts knows that the franchise is still popular among users and a new title could also attract new players.

BioWare’s executive producer has confirmed that a new title is in development. At this point it is not known if the future title will be released on both PC and consoles but may hope that it will be available across several platforms. Some even believe that the next game could be a launch title for future consoles like the PS5 and the new Xbox.

BioWare has declared that it wants to make a great game and it is estimated that up to two years will pass before the new title will be released. A short teaser trailer has been released, sparking the interest of the community.

An official release date wasn’t provided. BioWare has been hard at work, gathering a dedicated team of veteran Dragon Age developers that will certainly create a great game.

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