The Best Android Launchers Available to Download

We all know how an Android launcher can change the way your phone looks. By having them, you can customize your gadget just as you like. You can adjust the icon size, hide some icon labels or simply change the icon itself.

Google Play Store has many of those, but most of them are full of ads. The launcher can be very good, but the ads can ruin your experience.

We’ve written this article to give you the best Android launchers that have no ads.

Evie Launcher

It’s free and fast. It’s also full of features – you can adjust the columns and the rows, change the size of the icons, hide icon labels. There’s really nothing that it misses.

This app also allows you to hide dick and some of the installed apps. You can change the icon packs very easily. It also comes together with a powerful search that searches both your phone and the web. It also allows you to change the search engine from Google to Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Its size is of about 8 MB

Microsoft Launcher

This one is a bit similar to Evie Launcher. However, it’s a very complicated competition between it and the Nova Prime Launcher. It has all the basic features, like app grind, hidden apps, and so on, and it also comes with an expandable dock and the capacity to hide it if you don’t get used to it. You can switch from the notification badge styles – count or dots.

The launcher has three different features that make it different than the others. The first one is the personalized feed, that’s placed on the left side of the home screen, from which you can get a lot of things, like recent apps, sticky notes, screen time and tasks, even news. It’s quite similar to Google Lens when it comes to the camera – you can use it in the search bar to find info about certain objects.

It also has the Continue on PC feature. If you use this feature, you get to share links with your computer (as long as it runs on Windows 10), without actually using a third-party app.

Its size is of about 24 MB.

Lawnchair Launcher

This one is the best one if you’re looking for a Pixel Launcher. It’s free, and it offers a lot for its size.

First of all, it allows you to set a theme and the places you want the theme to appear. You can customize every little detail of your gadget, from size to text, to icon, to color. You can also enable the two-row docks.

Of course, there are similar launchers that come with the features that Pixel Launcher has, but they come with ads.

Its size is of about 3 MB.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

This one seems a bit complicated at first – it’s different than the others. Unlike all the other launchers from our list, it supports three types of app view – besides the home screen and all apps screen, it also has the app drawer.

It’s unique due to the screen, and due to the animations it has. It’s actually a 3D launcher that focuses on effects and animations.

When it comes to its features, you get everything from gesture support to themes, to notification badges, to numerous docks, to icon customization – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Its size is of about 12 MB.

Nova Launcher

This one is the most popular one from the Store. It’s full of features. However, they are limited to the prime variant.

It comes with simple customization, and it has no ads. But there are some other features that you may have to pay for, such as Drawer groups and Icon Swipes, but they’re the best. It lacks some other features, like hidden apps and unread icons, but if you can do without them, it’s all good.

Its size is of about 6 MB.

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