Cydia will Remove Support for in-app Payments

Since iOS was first introduced some users were against the closed nature of the platform. Intrepid persons soon released what has become known as jailbreak versions. A jailbreak version of iOS is able to offer access to external app stores and tweaks that are otherwise unavailable.

Apple was against jailbreak from the start and users that opt to jailbreak their device will no longer benefit from the warranty offered by the company. This restrictive policy discouraged some users but many argue that the benefits of jailbreak are worth the risk.

For years Cydia remain the most popular app store for jailbreak users, offering a variety of apps and tweaks that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Most of the apps and tools are available for free but some are can be bought by using Paypal.

In a recent thread on a popular platform the founder of Cydia has announced that all developers will have to offer their apps for free while PayPal support will be phased out in future updates. The decision was made earlier this year but removing Paypal integration will take a while.

The founder noted that the decision was motivated by a series of problems. While Apple does not support jailbreak the Cupertino company had no involvement in this decision. The main reason is the fact that the service costs were bigger than the revenue. At first Cydia and the developers benefited from the option to buy certain tweaks but the situation has changed.

Another problem is the fact that some users accused the company of being greedy and argued that the main point of jailbreaking your device is to gain access to free apps.

The news may make some users happy but the effects may not be so great in the long run. Creating and maintaining a repository implies some costs that can no longer be paid after PayPal support is retired.

Further information will be released in the following days.

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