Clash Royale vs. Brawl Stars: Which Supercell Game Is Better?

Brawl Stars and Clash Royale are both Supercell games, but they don’t have much in common. However, there is something that they share. They both use a gacha system. However, while for Clash Royale it works, it appears that this system might be a weakness for Brawl Stars.

Designing a strong gacha

Gacha systems can be great if they are designed properly. The depth of a gacha system is the most important factor and it determines how much the system will last. There is a certain number of drops needed to complete the gacha.

A drop is winning a single item. For example, in Clash Royale this happens when a single card is dropped out of a chest. Drops are also different. A legendary chest drop is different from a wooden chest drop. The system will last longer if more drops are required.


The way a game handles duplicates is very important for the success of the gacha system. In Clash Royale there is no problem with duplicates because without them you can’t upgrade a card. This means that all duplicated are needed.

Meanwhile, in Brawl Stars duplicates don’t work that good. Purchasing gacha packs and getting duplicates can be quite disappointing because each duplicate character means you receive a single blue chip. You can later use blue chips to unlock characters, but you need a high amount of chips to do that.

In addition to this, opening a chest comes with a high probability of receiving a single blue chip, and it is more likely to get that than unlock a new character or even receive some elixir. Blue chips also become useless for players who have already unlocked all the content available in the game.

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