December 2018 Security Patch Finally Arrives on Several Samsung Galaxy Devices

The beginning of December brought some exciting news for the mobile world. A lot of devices received a new security patch and now the update is being extended to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, J6+ and J4.

Also known as the December 2018 security patch, the event was welcomed by Samsung Galaxy users from Asia, with emphasis on those who live in Sri Lanka and Nepal. As we already know, these kinds of updates are meant to solve some flaws spotted in the devices’ functionality.

The monthly firmware is brought to eliminate bugs and security breaches

The online environment is not as safe as it used to be, so smartphone users are getting monthly security updates, may it be from the device’s manufacturer or by subscribing on a carrier’s account. This month brought big news for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, J6+ and J4 users.

The monthly firmware already started to roll out on Galaxy J6+ users from Asia, meaning that it is available for those who have Android Oreo 8.1. The security patch is running OTA now and it won’t be long until it gets on all the smartphones from this the mentioned line.

Meanwhile, things are looking great for Galaxy J4 users living in Russia. They are starting to receive the December 2018 security update on their devices. In case the security patch doesn’t arrive automatically, users can download it manually.

Smartphone owners who got the chance to see how the update works say that they already started to notice a few changes. Some flaws from the Secure Folder and Gallery app were solved and now unauthorized access is no longer allowed here.

In what Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is concerned, the December security patch is available for Verizon users so far. The update targets to improve six critical threats spotted in the Android system. The update is available OTA and Galaxy Note 8 users who fit in the mentioned category can start checking if it arrived on their devices.

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