Some Philips Android TVs Will Get the Android Oreo Update

The time has finally come for Philips to roll out Android 8 Oreo. According to some reports from September, the company was expected to have a small-scale rollout of Android Oreo this November. Philips has just started updating a wide range of TVs and the rollout is presumed to finish in the first quarter of the following year.

What is new

The new update comes with a revamped home screen, as well as with Google Assistant in various regions. The home screen introduced by Android 8 Oreo will allow app providers to highlight their content. Also, it adds a “Play Next” row, which will give people recommendations based on what their viewing habits are like. It looks like some Philips TV owners already received the Android Oreo update. As mentioned back in September by the company itself, 2016 models would be prioritized first, then 2017 models and only later 2018 models, as well as dual tuner 2018 models. At the moment, no updated timetable has been provided by Philips, so for now we need to wait a little bit for more information on this.

Apparently not all Philips Android TVs will get Oreo

According to what we know so far, it seems that not all Philips Android TVs will get the Android Oreo update. When it comes to Philips TVs in Europe, TV Vision is responsible for them. These Android TVs were first released back in 2015 and one year before that, the company released TVs based on mobile Android. So it seems that these sets will not get the Android Oreo update for TV. The same thing happens for Full HD models, which will not be updated either. One more thing that we know is that the update will enable Google Assistant on certain Philips Android TVs.

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