Minecraft’s Most Recent Update Is Out and It Brings Bamboo, Pandas, Scaffolding and Better Cats

The Minecraft Bedrock update 1.8.0 is now out and it comes with pandas and redesigned cats. There’s also a downside to this new update: the fact that ocelots cannot be tamed anymore. Their trust can still be gained, however, by feeding them, so it’s still something. The new update is available for Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

The new update brings a cute animal into the picture

The latest update brings bamboo to the players and it seems that the plant can be found while fishing in the jungle or players might sometimes stumble upon it in some chests. Together with the new biome featuring bamboo, there is another great addition: pandas. Throughout the bamboo jungle biomes, the adorable animals will spawn either as a single mob or in duos. Also, it seems that the personalities of these extremely cute creatures will be random. Even though they might strike you as being adorable, you can expect them to be protective of their cubs, so keep an eye on them. Keep in mind as well that due to the fact that pandas consume bamboo, they will drop blocks of the plant.

Other new additions and changes to Minecraft

The cats have been redesigned and are now much better than before. From now on, stray cats will spawn in villages and they can be tamed using fish. The Minecraft Bedrock update 1.8.0 also comes with scaffolding, which is a climbable block that can be created by simply using bamboo. Experimental Gameplay is available when is enabled in the world settings and there are new enchantments to the crossbow weapon (quick charge, piercing and multishot). Another change is the fact that phantoms are now scared of cats and will try to stay away as long as cats are around. Several crashes have also been fixed, so hopefully everything will run smoothly.

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