When to Expect Samsung Galaxy S10 and How Much It Will Cost

It looks like there are some new leaks about Samsung Galaxy S10 and we have some details about its pricing and release date.

New leaks about Galaxy S10’s release date and price

According to Gizmodo, Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to launch on 20th of February 2019, and people will be able to purchase it starting with 8th of March. One week later Galaxy S9 will be unveiled and then one month later the Galaxy S8. This is great news for the fans, as we finally have some idea about when we should expect the launch of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10. However, there is also some news that some of us may not be that happy about and which is related to the pricing of the smartphone.

The pricing of the Galaxy S10 series might be a little bit too high

We are definitely excited to have some information about the release date of Galaxy S10, but when it comes to the rumored pricing, we might have some concerning news. Gizmodo revealed that the South Korean company will charge up to $1,750 for the range. Let’s take a look at what it entails.

Let’s start with the bottom of the range, where we have a new flat-screen budget Samsung Galaxy S10, whose price will be $845 with 128GB of storage. Next in line is the standard Galaxy S10, which will come with two storage options: 128GB and 512GB, which will cost $1,009 and $1,260 respectively. Above this we have the larger Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that will cost $1,135 for the 126GB storage option, $1,390 for 512 GB and $1,750 for a new option with 1TB storage.

After looking at these prices, we can clearly see that these are the most expensive phones that Samsung has ever developed. Now, the question is: will they be worth it? It remains to be seen.

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