A Leaked Picture Shows Us the Impressive Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There is still quite some time before Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 will be finally released, but it does not stop various leakers from sharing their findings on the internet. A recently posted image shows one of the S10 variants, S10 Plus, with its dual front cameras and a unique cut-out design.

S10 Plus will feature two selfie cameras

The picture, which was posted on Slashleaks, presents the next gen Galaxy S10 Plus while the device is undergoing tests. This smartphone, codenamed Beyond 2, will feature two front cameras placed in the top right of the notification bar section.

The smartphone will have a unique design

Galaxy S10 Plus is set to share the unique design of its predecessors belonging to the S series, which can be clearly seen on the picture. Amongst the features that we observed are tiny bezels located at the top and bottom of the display, the new style of earpiece and the thin edge of the chassis that is curved. When it comes to the front camera, it will be located on the side of S10 Plus, similarly to the rumored designs of the standard S10 and the entry-level S10 Lite.

A notch or a hole

What is not clear at the moment is whether Samsung decides to go with the traditional notch or rather a hole. It is possible that S10 Plus will sport the latter. Judging by all earlier leaks of Galaxy S10, the company might use a small O-shaped hole to hide the camera lens. Moreover, a similar design can be seen on the just announced Galaxy A8s.

It is important to remember that these are still just the rumors, and to find out if these leaks are correct we will have to wait few more months.

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