Minecraft Bedrock Beta Has Just Been Released and It Comes with Experimental Scripting API

It looks like the Minecraft Bedrock beta version just came out and it seems to explore a new Scripting API, as well as some small fixes and changes. This version is available only on Windows 10, Xbox One and Android. So let’s take a look to see what is new in the latest release from Minecraft.

The newest update brings a new Scripting API

Thanks to the new experimental Scripting API brought by Minecraft Bedrock beta, users will be able to make adjustments to the inner components in a game simply by writing commands. The Script Engine from Minecraft is using JavaScript, which allows the writing of Scripts, as well as their bundling along with Behavior Packs in order to put into effect various actions. Some of these actions are listening and answering to game events, or recovering and altering data in the components from entities, which can affect various parts of the game. At the moment, this feature is available only in Windows 10, once the “Use Experimental GamePlay” setting is enabled.

What are the new fixes and changes

  • The Beacon beams’ texture was improved
  • Thanks to some new optimizations, there is now a proper synchronization between the server and the client
  • The issue with items in hands that were completely white in color has been fixed
  • A crash that was taking place during the gameplay has been fixed
  • Players don’t have the option of re-spawning in a semi-dead state anymore if they die while being in a bed
  • There was a problem with the logo not appearing on the loading screen once the game was suspended and resumed – this was fixed as well
  • Some other rare issue with players being teleported to a boat when they were travelling close to the water has been resolved
  • A small change was made to the crossbow’s size – now it looks bigger in the hands of a pillager
  • The problem with tamed llamas transforming into bioluminescent creatures whenever an inventory was opened has been fixed

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