New Render of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Its Screen Protector Leaked

Lately there has been a huge number of leaks about Samsung Galaxy S10 circulating the internet and it seems that yet another one made its appearance. Well-known Twitter leaker @IceUniverse has just shared a picture of a “protective film” for Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

A new leak suggests Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will have even bezels and no chin at all

The rumored device from the Galaxy S10 family is expected to be the smallest and more affordable model of the series that will be launched in 2019 by the South Korean company. Based on the newest leak, the display of the phone will be flat, and not curved, however, it will still stretch to all four sides. The image posted by @IceUniverse shows a camera in upper right corner of Galaxy S10 Lite and we also easily notice that top, bottom and side bezels are all the same size. This means that the rumored phone will have no chin.

An unexpected design that captured our attention

This latest leak is quite interesting, as up until this point, other phone manufacturers that also work on displays with a cut out hole camera are choosing to have a rather thicker bottom chin on their devices. From the leaked picture, it is pretty obvious that Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite does not have a chin, so if this rumor will prove to be true, the device will clearly stand out amongst the competition. Also, another thing that we can see in the image is a screen protector for the device.

In case this render is going to be confirmed at the launch of the Galaxy S10 series in 2019, it looks like Samsung might have an interesting smartphone that will certainly grab people’s attention. We just cannot wait to see other rumors that will follow soon.

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