Mobile AR May Dramatically Changer Customer Engagement

Mobile AR will need more refinement before it can be used on a large scale but the technology is already changing the way through which customers interact with technology. A business that aims to deliver the best experience will certainly opt for AR integration in the future, as the technology continues to improve. Keeping up with the latest trends in AR technology may give them an advantage over the competition as they have the potential to attract new customers and investors.

Changing retail

An obvious example when it comes to retail is IKEA. The Swedish company has recently released an AR app called IKEA Place which allows users to see how the piece of furniture that they want to buy would look in their room before they decide to commit. Snapchat is also collaborating with Amazon to add an impressive new feature. People are now able to take a photo of an object of interest and a card will surface and conveniently show the price and the option to purchase the object.

Medical app are becoming popular

The demand for medical apps is also on the rise as they are becoming more helpful. It is thought that they will become an integral part of the medical act in the future.  One of the apps offered by AccuVein is able to project a map of the patient’s veins on his hands in order to facilitate injections.

Expanding to real estate

AR apps have also spread to real estate and they a used by agencies in order to show potential clients how a finished project could look like.  It also allows them to offer a variety of possible customization options that will allow potential customers to personalize their future investment.

As augmented reality continues to expand the opportunities grow. With more than two thousand AR apps available for iOS and two hundred for Android it is safe to day that AR is here to stay.

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