GTA 6 Rumors – When Will the Game Be Released

Let’s take a look at the latest rumors regarding GTA 6 and see what else is new.

What is known so far about the release date

The last GTA title was released by Rockstar more than five years ago, and it is definitely one of the best games out there, so there is no surprise that fans are waiting impatiently for some news about GTA 6.

So when should we expect the next GTA to be released? If we look back at the previous titles, there was always a difference of around four or five years between their releases. However, that pattern doesn’t really seem to work anymore, since a new game will clearly not be launched in 2018. Still, this doesn’t mean that there is no hope at all. We might have a chance to see an announcement from Rockstar concerning GTA 6. After all, the year has not ended yet.

What details do we have about the map

One common theory suggests that the location for GTA 6 will be set in London. Nevertheless, according to a statement given by the head writer at Rockstar Games, Dan Houser, it looks like a GTA title wouldn’t probably be the right game for the company to use if they wanted to tell a story based in the UK. So as far as we know, it seems that London will not really be chosen as a location for GTA in the future.

The second most popular theory about the destination of the game is that GTA might go back to choosing Vice City. There’s also another rumor which indicates that Rockstar would actually want to recreate the entire United States. This might sound like it’s maybe too much, but we can never know. For now, we’ll just need to wait and see what other news will follow in the future.

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