iPhone 11 Might Come with an In-display Fingerprint Reader

Based on some recent reports, it looks like Apple might revive the fingerprint reader on the iPhones that are expected to launch in 2019. Last week we’ve also heard from Forbes that the tech giant might plan to introduce in-display fingerprint readers to the iPhones that will be revealed next year.

In-display fingerprint readers are a much better option than facial recognition

We already know that the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers supplied to Samsung for the Galaxy S10 phones by certain Chinese companies are just as accurate as physical readers. The great thing about them is that they are more secure. If we would compare them to the facial recognition technology, we could easily see that the fingerprint scanners are more advantageous. Taking these things into consideration, we can expect Apple to be tempted to adopt the in-display readers for the smartphones that will be launched in 2019.

What is known at the moment about iPhone 11

When it comes to the upcoming flagship iPhone, it is not known yet if the device will actually be named iPhone 11 or if it will get a different name. We all know that Apple made a huge change about naming its phones some time ago, back in 2017, when it decided to use roman numerals, starting with its 10th anniversary model. Even though many people thought that the company will go back to its previous naming strategy, Apple still continued to introduce new names for its phones.

Nevertheless, whether the next flagship iPhone will be launched as iPhone 11 or something different, it’s important to note that fans should not have expectations from the device to already have the 5G technology. As far as we know at the present time, Apple is not bringing 5G support to its devices yet, because of the risks that come with integrating a new technology when it’s still at an early stage. The company wants to wait around a year after 5G networks will be deployed before integrating the technology to its handsets.

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