The WatchOS 5.1.2 Update Comes with the ECG app for Apple Watch 4 in the US

The watchOS 5.1.2 update has finally arrived and it brings some great features for the Apple Watch Series 4, for which many of us were waiting: the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notification. It’s important to note that this app is available at the moment only in the United States.

The app that every Apple Watch user was looking forward to

The reason why the app is not available in other parts of the world is that the tech giant would need to have regulatory approvals in every region where the app would be released. When it comes to the US, the company collaborated with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over the course of a couple of years in order to make these new features available to the public. Thanks to these innovative heart features that were just released for the Apple Watch Series 4, many people will have access to much needed information about their health, so we can only imagine the number of people being excited about such news.

How does the ECG app work

Anyone who wants to use the ECG app on the Apple Watch Series 4 needs to simply launch the application and touch the Digital Crown. Once this is done, electrical signals from the heart are measured, and 30 seconds later, the heart rhythm is categorized as either AFib, sinus rhythm or inconclusive. Every recording and symptom that is noticed is stored safely in the Health app on the owner’s iPhone, in the form of a PDF. This is very useful, as this information can be shared with a physician later on, if needed. What’s great about the ECG app is that it allows people to take an electrocardiogram straight from their wrist, with much ease, and whenever they cannot consult a doctor right away. This will definitely prove to be extremely helpful for many people, especially in emergency situations.

Also, the irregular rhythm notification feature will every now and then check the user’s heart rhythm in order to see if the person is experiencing any irregular heart rhythm. The person then gets an alert about the situation, in case an irregular rhythm is noticed on five different checks during a timeframe of 65 minutes.

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