Opera Browser: Version 49.0.2361.133821 Available to Download with New Features

Opera is a very fast browser, and a safe one, as well, especially when it comes to your Android device, a built-in ad-blocker and data savings mode. It’s also the most user-friendly browser and totally customizable. Version 49.0.2361.133821 has now hit the market, so here’s what you should know about it:

What are the features of the Opera Browser?

It blocks all the ads – it has an integrated ad blocker that helps you in getting rid of those annoying ads. It also helps the browser load your pages way faster than any other browser. It eliminates the biggest part of the cookies and privacy dialogues.

The newsfeed is personalized – as it’s powered by the smartest AI news engine they have, so the newsfeed lets you swipe through news channels directly in the browser. It also lets you subscribe to your favorite topics and even save stories for you to read them later.

It has a night-mode – this one lets you adjust the light to help you have a comfortable reading experience – it helps your eyes in the dark. You can get to it directly from the main menu.

You can use autofill credit cards and manage passwords – you can now save passwords for different sites and even safely autofill your payment info when you do online shopping.

It’s all about private browsing – you can use private tabs to go incognito pretty much everywhere on the internet, without leaving any kind of trace on your device.

Read on any screen – you can even adjust the text size, a feature that helps you adapt the pages to your reading requirements.

Downloads are easily manageable – the download manager makes the whole process of downloading quite easier and faster. You can sort your downloaded files, even delete them from your phone or remove them from your list of downloads just by swapping to the left or to the right side. Background downloading is supported, too.

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