Apple iOS 12.1.1 Leaks – Should You Really Upgrade?

We’ve all heard how iOS 12.1 had problems with the security hole in the lock screen, but other than that, it was a very good update, which got rid of some fundamental issues from the previous releases.

Apple has now released iOS 12.1.1, and it seems to be a very important upgrade, but the real question is if it’s free of bugs, or we’ll still have problems as if the past.

Who was made for?

This new upgrade is compatible with all iOS 11 devices. This means that it works perfectly good for iPhone 5S or later, the 6th generation iPod touch or later, and iPad mini 2 or later. Those devices that are compatible will automatically get the upgrade, but if it does not happen to you, then you need to get it manually. All you have to do is go to Settings-General-Software Update. For beta testers you’ll need to unroll your device for the update to make its appearance on your smartphones.

This new update has about 350MB.

Jailbreaking it

You need to remember that iOS 12.1.1 has not been cracked yet; not even de releases before it. You might have to wait for a bit until the jailbreaking software catches up with all of them.

What were the issues before?

Some users say they have problems with Shortcuts, but it probably is a server error, which means that the problem has to be fixed by the iOS itself.

There are also some bugs, and the most frequent one is the broken 4G, that comes with network failures. They talked about this issue in beta, and it does not seem to be fixed. Some of the users are affected, but most of them are doing just fine. There were some complaints about the poor battery life, too.

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