A New Gmail Update Brings a Big Change to One of the Client’s Features

There has been an announcement that Gmail received a new update, which will bring a significant change to one of the most helpful features of the Google client, Smart Compose.

What is Smart Compose and how does it work?

You probably already know that earlier this year, in May, the design of Gmail was drastically changed and several new features were added. One notable addition was Smart Compose, which uses machine learning power in order to predict how users want to end their sentences when typing. If you want to enable this feature, all you need to do is to press the tab button the moment a sentence suggestion appears on the desktop version of Gmail.

According to what Google says when describing Smart Compose, this feature can not only help users start or end their sentences, but can also propose complete sentences in their emails. This is definitely very helpful for people who want to save some time when writing, while trying to be creative at the same time. The great thing about this feature is that it can actually suggest relevant phrases to Gmail users, based on the context.

The very useful Smart Compose feature will get a new update

Based on some latest news that come from Reuters, it looks like Google has introduced a huge change to the feature: it will no longer suggest pronouns that are based on the gender. This update seems to have even been confirmed by the “product leaders” at Google. This change comes after Gmail’s product manager, Paul Lambert, was creating a sentence in a message where the Smart Reply assumed that a certain investor was a man, when in reality it was a woman. Lambert explained that mistaking gender would be quite a terrible mistake to make. Therefore, from now on, Gmail will not suggest genders anymore, which means that such mistakes will be avoided in the future.

Even though the machine learning technologies that Google develops are extremely helpful, this does not mean that they cannot make any mistakes yet. The new change made to Smart Compose already applies to all Gmail users who have the latest version of the software.

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