Samsung Galaxy On7 and On7 Pro Will Get the Android 8.1 Oreo Update

Based on some reports across the internet, the two budget smartphones from Samsung, Galaxy On7 and On7 Pro, are finally getting the Android 8.1 Oreo update. It’s important to mention that these two devices are also known in some markets as Galaxy J7 Prime and Galaxy J7 Prime 2, so they will get the upgrade to Android Oreo as well.

Who will get the update to Android 8.1 Oreo

According to what we’ve heard, it looks like the first to get this new update on their Galaxy On7 and On7 Pro will be the users in South Korea. However, some reports indicate that users from other regions will also receive the upgrade. Additionally, the new Android Oreo update seems to include the Android security updates from November this year, so anyone who owns one of the two smartphones will be happy to hear this.

The upgrade to Android Oreo happens a year after the first rollout of the OS

The South Korean company has quite a big delay in rolling out the Android Oreo update. The initial rollout of this operating system took place approximately a year ago. This is not the first time when Samsung could be criticized for being behind with its updates. However, taking into consideration the fact that these budget smartphones are more than three years old, we should be grateful that they still get to be updated to a recent version of the Android operating system.

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy On7, its previous operating system was Android 5.1 Lollipop and it was launched in 2015 in India. The other smartphone, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, which was also introduced in India soon after the launch of the former one, was running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Now, three years later, users of these devices will finally get to enjoy the Android 8.1 Oreo update.

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