Unique Model of Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5G Has Just Been Confirmed by Samsung

According to some official statements from AT&T and Verizon, it appears that both companies have established a partnership with Samsung in order to deliver a Galaxy smartphone with 5G network during the first half of the next year, so this is quite exciting news. We already know that the South Korean company is planning on launching four different models of Samsung Galaxy S10, from which one will be a more affordable version, and they will all have gradient color schemes and huge displays. When it comes to the latest news, it looks like Samsung is not trying to hide it at all.

Samsung will bring 5G to one of the models of its upcoming smartphone

Based on one of the official announcements given by the president of AT&T Mobility and Entertainment, David Christopher, we learned that “5G is going to be about more than just a network. Customers will eventually be able to connect in near real-time to unforeseen possibilities”. Christopher added that AT&T and Samsung intend to bring the most innovative changes to their customers and that “it is a great time to be a consumer” during these changes, while 5G is just at the beginning.

The amazing thing about 5G is that it’s already reliable enough to be used instead of home broadband, therefore the fact that it will start being integrated in phones is incredibly good news, as it will clearly change our lives in the future. It’s great to see that Samsung was already testing the 5G technology in one of the version of the upcoming Galaxy S10.

How do we know that just one model of Samsung Galaxy S10 will have 5G?

The reason why we know that only one version of the four different models of Galaxy S10 will have 5G network is that it has already been announced some time ago that just the flagship Galaxy S10 “Beyond X” will have this technology. A few months ago, Samsung confirmed that they will introduce 5G to only one limited-edition model. We also know that the tech giant intends to integrate the 5G capabilities into its folding “Samsung Galaxy F”, however, it will be just a limited release, and it will probably not be sold outside Asia.

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