GTA 6: Possible Settings – Back in the Past

Rockstar has recently released another masterpiece in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2. Fans of the GTA series are now hoping that a new game will come soon but Rockstar is reserved when it comes to announcements.

Some sources claim that a new iteration may be released in 2020. Others think that it won’t surface until 2022. Until Rockstar decides to formally announce the game the fans and analysts are free to discuss countless rumors. Countless forum threads are already with speculation about possible setting, protagonist and playable locations.

Back in the past

Many believe that Rockstar will opt to go back in the past for GTA 6 due to a variety of reasons. The main problem is represented by the current political climate.

From its conception, a main focus in the GTA series is a satirical depiction of the flaws that are encountered in our society. The problem here is that Rockstar’s humour isn’t always appreciated by everyone. The Republican and Democratic parties heavily citizen some of the situations depicted in the game. Several news outlets and reviewers also note that the came uses its satiric nuances as an excuse in order to maintain certain elements that are popular among fans but are criticized by social justice advocates.

In order to free the game from controversy, Rockstar may decide to return to one of the most iconic settings: Vice City. GTA Vice City has remained one of the most popular games in the series even today, along with GTA San Andreas. A game that takes place in the1970 would allow a creative liberty that is currently restricted by the sensibility of certain topics that may spark fiery debates.

It is rumoured that Rockstar is already working on GTA 6 but the gambit codenamed Project Americas. At first sight we may speculate that the entirety of the U.S. and select zones of South America will be featured but that remains to be seen.

While GTA Online still generates significant revenue Rockstar will launch another GTA title at some point in the future.

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