Could GTA 6 Include the Entire U.S.?

GTA 6 is not expected anytime soon since Rockstar recently launched Red Dead Redemption 2 and the team is already hard at work on Red Dead Online with a beta being currently available.

It is the expected that GTA 6 may be eventually announced in 2020 with an estimated ship date of early 2022. Since Rockstar spent 8 years on developing Read Dead Redemption 2 the company may opt to extend the development cycle for GTA as well, a move that would translate into a possible launch date in 2026.

Some claim that the game is already in production under the name of ‘’Project Americas.’’ The name may reference that South America may be featured in the GTA universe as a playable location. This is merely a rumor at this point is Rockstar hasn’t released any official information.

Dan Houser, series co-writer, has declared that the studio is still brainstorming ideas for a future GTA game but nothing solid has been established until now. The team is currently toying with the idea of a female protagonist but has assured the fan base that she will be used only if she fits the overall plot. Using three different protagonists proved to be a winning formula for GTA 5 and it is almost sure that the same setup will be used.

Other sources claim that Rockstar may choose to return to one of the most iconic locations in the series: Vice City.  It may take place in the past; probably the 1970’s freeing Rockstar from the need to feature the events that take place in our days.

The company has been heavily criticized by the Republican and Democratic Party as each stated that the game negatively depicts the American society. Since satire is one of the most appreciated elements of the GTA series it is likely that Rockstar will wait for a more favorable political climate before releasing the sixth iteration.

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