GTA V Fix: Common Issues That Are Still Happening in 2018

GTA V has been available on PC for a long while but new players may run into a variety of bugs. Read below to learn how to fix a variety of pesky bugs and glitches.

  1. The game doesn’t start on older laptops and PCs

Like most modern video games GTA V was designed to work on gaming PCs. Older devices may play it just fine if the specs onboard reach the minimum requirements. If the game fails to start try to use the compatibility mode as some hardware is not officially supported but the game may start after troubleshooting.

  1. Remember to install Rockstar Social Club

Even if you bought your game from Steam you will need to download and install Rockstar Social Club in order to play to access the multiplayer section of the game. While Steam will download and install it for you in most cases it is a good idea to download the latest version from the official site.

  1. Graphical glitches

Graphical glitches are usually caused by running the game on unsupported hardware. They may also be caused by a faulty video game driver. Be sure to check if you installed the latest driver available for your device.

  1. Graphical glitches continued

While mods are a great way to enhance your experience while playing the single-player mode keep in mind that adding too many mods may lead to major glitches and graphical issues, even more so if one of the mods is not compatible with the others. In order to minimize the problems you should use a dedicated mod manager and check if the modes that you want to install are compatible before you download them.

  1. Texture drops and crashes

While the game should auto-detect the best settings for your system it may be overly-optimistic in some cases. If you run into sudden texture drops, FPS drops or random crashes when entering some areas you may want to tinker with the graphics settings. Disabling features like motion blur, anti-aliasing and lowering the resolution may reduce or eliminate the problems.

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